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      Last updated - Nov 12, 2017


At Bhambwani Securities we trade financial markets across asset classes - equities, commodities, currencies and derivatives. In addition to proprietary trading and investing, we also provide world class trading mentorship and education. We believe analytical tools deployed by traders should be ahead of the broader markets so as to provide an edge to the trader. We have provided trading content, market views and analysis, mentorship as consultants to various organisations like IndiaInfoline Ltd, Yahoo, Finance, Business Standard,, CNBC-TV18,, Bombay Stock Exchange Training Institute, NSE Academy Ltd, MCX and scores of broking firms, educational institutes and private individuals. Unlike most of our contemporaries, our training is a mix of theory and real time live market trading experience, which gives our participants a significant edge in the real world.
Our training regimen is off the beaten track and focuses on behavioral finance studies that give us the edge over other traders and training coaches. Our work is well received and appreciated in India and abroad. We keep abreast of the latest developments in trading research, geo-politics and financial markets to be able to navigate better through the complex and fast trading money markets at all times. Our quarter century of trading and 15 years of training experience allows us to present a blend of academic and market participants real world understanding of the financial markets. As trading mentors and coaches we claim to be second to none.
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